Website Tools

Creek Website Tools are like "Lego Bricks" for building radio websites.

They are the radio components shared by both the website framework and the website embeds.

They include all of the tough-to-build things like audio players and show schedules — helping radio stations save thousands of dollars on web development costs.


The website tools include:

  • Show Schedule and Calendars: Add your playlist to any website.
  • Playlists: Embed playlists on your website.
  • Players for Broadcasts and Podcasts: Easily add Creek players to your website.
  • Live Show Metadata: Current show, song, broadcast, and host name.
  • Playback Controls: Button components for controlling playback — play, pause, volume, skip, etc. — that can turn any website into a Spotify-like media website.


There are a few ways to use the website tools:

  1. Website Embeds — Embed Creek tools on any page with simple copy-and-paste codes.
  2. Website Framework — Build complete radio websites with a modern framework designed for audio-based websites.
  3. Vue Toolkit — Use Creek tools in your Vue app to easily build single-page apps for community radio stations.


Here's an example of the show schedule.