Spinitron Integration

Creek can synchronize with your Spinitron data. This includes:

  • Show Schedule
  • Shows
  • Playlists
  • Users

Spinitron import locks Creek data

When Spinitron import is enabled, you'll need to edit all shows, playlists, and users in Spinitron. Otherwise, the import process will overwrite any changes you make in Creek.

Passive Import

Creek does not modify anything in Spinitron. It only does a "passive" import, copying data from Spinitron into Creek.

Import Processes

There are two sync processes that run throughout the day:

  • Every 5 minutes: Creek imports the current show, playlist, and song every five minutes.
  • Every day: Creek imports the upcoming week's show schedule from Spinitron.

Advanced import: Past shows

Because of a limitation in the Spinitron API, their data only includes the upcoming shows, rather than the full schedule.

However, we can overcome this with our Advanced Import process — see below.

Metadata Push: Current Song

Spinitron can send the current song to Creek. To set this up:

  1. Go to the metadata push area in Spinitron.
  2. Click New Channel
  3. Enter these details:
  • Channel name: Creek Studio
  • Template:
    POST https://____.studio.creek.org/api/spinitron/import-spin?id=%si%

    Replace ____ with the name of your studio. For example: kxyz

  • Username: _____ (blank)
  • Password: _____ (blank)
  • Default Duration: 300 (or whatever works best for your station)
  • Max Duration: 600 (or whatever works best for your station)

Spinitron Metadata Push

Advanced Import

Creek can also import your full Spinitron show schedule. This overcomes the limitation in the Spinitron API where it normally only includes upcoming shows, rather than past shows.

Passive Import

Like the regular import, the advanced import only copies data from Spinitron into Creek. It does not modify anything at Spinitron.

To set up Advanced Import:

Please create an admin account in Spinitron with an email address like this:


Replace ____ with the name of your studio.

Then, make sure to set the Role to Admin.

Email us once you created this account, and we'll let you know when Creek is importing your data from Spinitron.