Creek is a huge project, and it wouldn't be possible without the help of a lot of people. They all helped in some way — from writing code, to giving feedback, to kicking Travis until he finished something. Roughly sorted by amount of help and/or kicking.

Travis Bernard

Developed Creek (with a lot of help).

Erv Knorzer

The OG. Founded Radio Bird Street (KRBS-LP) in Oroville, CA where Travis first did community radio stuff. Passed away in 2022.

Michael Saelee

Business-minded friend and old classmate of Travis (since they were 14) who helped push Creek towards becoming a real business in numerous ways.

Chris Lanphear

Constant inspiration through his design skills and nonprofit radio/podcast organization called Loudspeaker.

Ben Ward

First to help with actual code. Indirectly improved all code since then by being a constant "voice in the back of Travis's head" for writing better code.

David Klann

Linux wizard who helped immensely in a few specific, top-secret ways.

Amanda Eichstadt

Funded the website platform, and is unfathomably patient with things that take "geologic timescales" to build.

Todd Urick

A human beacon for community radio. Allowed Travis to ask "So do you know a lot of radio stations?" without pushing him off the second floor at Common Frequency HQ.

Ben C. Evans

Wrote a super-useful ffmpeg handler and uploader for the audio archiver.

Wendy Fox

Helped with building our outreach master plan and inspired us to help with the hugely-important "Spinitron breaks your website" problem.

Jim Credland


Dom Smart


Greg Lyons

For all of the epic feedback emails.

Tom Cheevers

Cheerleader and inspiration for designing outreach videos.

Joel Hawthorne

Helped Travis escape Oroville.