Do Not Sell My Information - California Consumer Privacy Act

What is the CCPA?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a privacy and consumer protection regulation applicable to residents of California (US) which is enforceable as of January 1st, 2020.

CCPA brings with it an array of new consumer data rights for residents of California and regulatory requirements aimed at giving these individuals more visibility into and control over how their personal data is used.

What is Creek doing to comply?

As part of our efforts to ensure we're compliant with the CCPA and implementing best practices for our users, we have updated our Privacy Policy to explain how we use your personal data and provide more detail about your ability to manage the information you share with us.

We will also continue to evaluate and update our business practices as further regulatory guidance becomes available.

What can I request regarding my data under the CCPA?

Under the CCPA you can request the following, subject to certain exceptions and limitations:

o Right to Know: You can request information about the types of personal data collected from you and the intended uses for this data.

o Right of Access: You can request we provide a copy of the personal data we hold about you in a portable format.

o Right of Deletion: You can request deletion of certain personal data we hold about you.

o Right to Opt-Out: You can opt-out of the “sale” of PI . Creek does not transfer or share data in exchange for money or otherwise sell data in the conventional sense. However, the sharing of personal information to third party advertising partners in order to provide you with personalized advertising may constitute a “sale” for purposes of CCPA.

o Right to Non-Discrimination: Creek must refrain from discriminating against users for exercising their privacy/data rights under CCPA. Creek can also not deny users goods/services, offer a different level of service, charge users a different price, or impose penalties for exercising their right under CCPA.

If you’d like to submit a request regarding your personal data under the CCPA, please email:

How does Creek process my data?

Our Privacy Policy explains in detail how Creek processes your data and the controls available to you to manage that data. We recommend reading it and reaching out to us if you have any additional questions or feedback.

How can I manage my data?

To give you more control over how your data is used, there are options available to adjust your account settings, including Communications, Analytics and Advertising settings. Please ensure you restart the app or refresh the browser for these to become into effect.

How can I delete my data?

If you wish to no longer have any information on Creek, you can delete your Creek account by emailing with email subject "Delete my account" and we will delete your account after verifying your ownership of the email address associated with your account. After which, Creek will completely delete the account and will no longer hold any personally identifiable information about you.