Creek Website Framework

Creek Website Framework makes it easy for developers to build radio websites.

It uses Vue and Nuxt to provide a complete developer environment for building modern radio websites from the ground up.

It allows you to fix those pesky audio players by converting your website to a modern single-page app — similar to the audio players on Mixcloud or Spotify.

You can even use it to enhance WordPress websites.

What's included?

Scaffolding with Vue and Nuxt

Start with modern web frameworks to build radio websites.

Radio Components

Audio players, playlists, show schedules, and more. For more, see Website Tools.

WordPress Compatibility

Use the included WordPress integration routes to merge existing WordPress Posts and Pages into the Creek Website Framework.

Spinitron Compatibility

Import your Spinitron content into Creek to build modern websites that use your Spinitron data.

How do I use it?

  1. Set up Creek for your station: Get Started
  2. Contact us at and we'll give you access to the codebase.


Try the KWMR demo website