Creek for Websites

Creek helps stations build better radio websites. We want radio website development to be a breeze, rather then a massive mountain to overcome. ⛰️

Even small stations

We've worked hard to make Creek as simple and affordable as possible — so that even small, independent radio stations can use Creek for their websites.

Works with any website

Creek works with any website — whether it's built with SquareSpace, WordPress, Joomla, totally custom code, or even repurposed mahogany


WordPress compatible

You can even upgrade WordPress websites, transforming them into modern web apps like Mixcloud or NPR.

Spinitron compatible

It's also compatible with Spinitron, so that you finally build a website that both uses Spinitron and... works correctly. ✅ 😉

How can I use it?

Creek is flexible, so you have lots of options — from simply adding Creek tools to your website, to developing a totally new "NPR-level" website with our Website Framework.

First thing's first!

You'll need Creek to use the website tools! Don't have Creek yet? Get started here.

🧩 Add Creek to your existing website

You can easily add Creek tools to your website with Embeds — simple copy-and-paste codes.

This includes audio players, show schedules, and playlists.

✨ Build a fancy new website

Web developers can use the Creek Website Framework to build modern radio websites from the ground up.

Need a web developer? We can help with that, too — see the next box!

🛠️ Need design help?

We charge $100/hr for design work. Projects range from 5 to 40 hours, with most around 10 hours of work.

Just email us at and let's talk about your project.

Already use Creek?

Want some upgrades to your existing set-up? Talk to us at!