Creek Studio

Creek Studio is the main system that includes most of the tools. You can use whichever tools that you want — some of them, or all of them.

  • Website Tools

    Easily add audio players, show schedules, and playlists to any website.

  • Show Schedules

    Similar to Google Calendar. It even has those special scheduling rules like every 4th Tuesday.

  • Audio Archives

    On-demand audio archives. DMCA compliant.

    Requires Creek Adapter
  • Playlist Editor

    Keep track of the songs that you play on air.

  • Spinitron Sync

    Automatically copy your Spinitron data into Creek.

  • Automation Support

    Connect with WideOrbit, StationPlaylist, MegaSeg, Radiologik, ENCO, and more.

  • Podcasting

    Convert your shows to podcasts (depending on music usage).

  • Reports

    Create reports for SoundExchange, BMI, and other PROs.

$50 per month
$550 per year

All stations include Creek Studio.

Start with Creek Studio, then select add-ons below.

These are totally optional. You can always get them later, too.

Live Audio Stream

Think of Creek as a friendly alternative to stream hosting companies like StreamGuys and SecurenetSystems.

  • Free Migration

    We'll migrate your existing stream to Creek for free.

  • Free Custom Domain

    We'll help you set up a permanent stream address on your own domain.

  • Free HTTPS

    We're not StreamGuys, so we don't upsell you on HTTPS.

  • Free Website Integration

    Use our stream player to add the stream to your website.

  • Icecast-compatible

    Use your own hardware/software for stream encoding, or use a Creek Adapter.

  • 500 maximum simultaneous listeners

    ...but ask us if you need more!

  • Reports and Stats

    Build reports for SoundExchange, BMI, and the other PROs

  • Website and App Integration

    We'll help you install the stream on your website and apps.

$30 per month
$330 per year

Creek Adapter

Creates on-demand audio archives and streams live audio.

Required for Audio Archives
$320 one-time cost

Music Recognition

Like Shazam™ but for radio.

$10 per month
$110 per year

Radio Apps

iOS and Android apps for community and college radio stations.

$100 per month
$1100 per year

Radio Website

An amazing website for your radio station.

Need web design work? Select IT Work below.
$20 per month
$220 per year

IT Work and Web Development

Each station includes 1 hour of free setup and training. Additional IT work and web development is available at $100/hour. We'll contact you to discuss your project and a cost estimate.

$100 per hour


  • Creek Studio$50 per month
  • $30 per month
  • $320 one-time cost
  • $10 per month
  • $100 per month
  • $20 per month
  • $100 per hour

Monthly total$50 per month

One month free with yearly billing.

We'll send you an invoice.

Once everything is ready and you're happy with Creek, we'll send an invoice to you by email that you can pay with a credit card, check, or ACH.